Mark your calendars it's time for the TURKEY PADDLE. We've officially passed it by the Harbor Master and they have approved!

This race is meant to be fun and bring people together before most of us spend a few months in hibernation! Proceeds will go to our good friends at Open Door, who will help fill the bellies of many Cape Ann-ers this holiday season. All profits will be donated and you are encouraged to donate extra if you feel so inclined. This money goes directly into our community and we hope to make a BIG impact.

When: Sat, November 5th - 2:00 PM

Where: All participants can park at Essex Marina (35 Dodge St. Essex, MA 01929). Spectators can feel free to watch from the marina but, chances are, the Essex causeway will give you a better view.

Race Course/Rules: Paddlers will launch from the Essex Marina and and paddle to the "Cox Reservation." There will be someone standing on land there with an item. Paddlers will have to grab something from them and paddle it back to the marina. "The Item(s)" are TBD (full Turkey's are not out of the question!). First one back, wins.

Distance: approx. 1.5 mi. 

Donation Amount: $30.00

Sign Up Online: Click Here.

** NOTE: This time on year can be very chilly and the water temperatures are expected to drop significantly. Booties and/or wetsuits are encouraged. We have them at the board barn or you can feel free to borrow a friends. Either way, you should really have them! **

After the event, we invite all participants & family members to the Cape Ann SUP board barn for a post-race, pot-luck celebration.