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Blackburn Training Group on GMG

The Blackburn training group is just about a week away from the big day!  We can't believe how far they have come

Familiar Faces

Familiar Faces

Good Morning Gloucester Paddleboards in Gloucester Again!

Features on Good Morning Gloucester

Features on Good Morning Gloucester

Our friends at Good Morning Gloucester have always supported us and continue to do so. Here are a few links to some articles that they wrote about Cape Ann SUP.

August 2014: Sunday Morning SUP Yoga

July 2015: Training Group

July 2015: Back on Pavilion

July 2014: Lesson

June 2013: Ready for Summer Fun! 

September 2012: Getting their SUP On

August 2012: Thank You

August 2012: Paddling with Cape Ann SUP

June 2012: Inspiring Stand Up Paddleboarding

October 2011: Cape Ann SUP

September 2011: Watching the Scooner Festival with Dog on Board

September 2011: Cape Ann SUP with Mayor's Race Winner Spirit of Bermuda 

August 2011: Cape Ann SUP A Huge Hit with GMG-ers

July 2011: Video Stand Up Paddling

June 2011: Get your Stand Up Paddle On