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Product Feature: Boga Tiburon

Product Feature: Boga Tiburon

What Boga Says:

A true flat water displacement hull board designed to carve through flat lakes and ocean chop with ease. The Tiburon is perfect for paddles up to 220lbs in weight. Great stability and glide specifically designed for flat water and ocean (vs surfing) paddling. As with all BOGA boards, the Tiburon is a bamboo sandwich, vacuum bagged construction board for maximum combined lightweight and strength.

Here's what really matters: 

Cape Ann SUP customer's who have bought the Tiburon and dig it

Saltwater Massage Studio
blackburn challenge 2015

Pictured above: (left) Gretchen Hill, from Gloucester's own Saltwater Massage Studio rockin' a selfie with her new 11' tib on a beautiful day in July. (right) Kyle Clark, teacher at Landmark School, killin' the 2015 Blackburn Challenege on his new 12' tiburon. Hardest Blackburn in 20 years!