We were born in a America's oldest seaport, raised in the antique capital of North America and live in the best place on earth: Cape Ann.

On Cape Ann SUP's 5th birthday in 2015, we opened our first retail location in Essex, MA. Essex is commonly known as the Antique capital of North America with over 62 antique shops in the quaint 3000-resident town. We are lucky enough to have found a little antique barn on a hill where we, too, could set up shop. 

We're more than just your typical paddle shop.

Sounds cheesy. We know. But let us explain. We know we're not a big paddle shop with dozens of boards and 2500 sqft of retail space to fill. We have embraced that to the fullest. Each and every single item is thoughtfully selected and tested by us.

We carry things WE love, WE use and WE believe in.

From water bottles that can brave a 98 degree day on Pavilion Beach and still have ice in them {that's a fact}, to boards that we ride and rent daily to bathing suits, t-shirts and more items that straight up "made the cut."

We're proud of the antique history in Essex and Gloucester's working harbors. We wanted to keep that spirit alive. Thus, the barn has a unique blend of paddle-specific inventory sprinkled with a couple of not-so-ordinary, one-of-a-kind items that tie into our history. All of which are hand selected and things that "speak" to us. We hope they "speak" to you too.

Paddle Shop North of Boston
Cape Ann Stand Up Paddleboard Shop

Cape Ann Stand Up Paddleboard and Surf Essex

For any of you history nerds out there, here's some history on the building: The building sits on the corner of rt 133 and Southern Ave. It dates back 1740 and was moved to it's current location in the 1800's. Joshua Burnham (The Burnham's are a big Essex family) owned it in the 1800's. Many locals still refer to it as "Joshua's Corner" or "Burnham's Corner." We have a framed invoice signed by Joshua Burnham himself in the early 1900's when he ran a "general jobbing" business...whatever that means. For more on Essex, visit: visitessexma.com

Thanks for being awesome! Super excited about my new board!
— Katie F.